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March 20, 2008


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That is the hardest part of Montessori everything is about CHOICE. If your kid isn't going to choose academics then forget it.

Glad to here you are good with your decision.


I totally agree. I toured a Montessori-based preschool, and could tell after the visit that it wasn't going to work for my rambunctious son. At his current (afternoon, school district, integrated special needs) pre-school, they arrive and head straight for the playground or gym, and then go inside for circle and center time, etc. - a much better fit for him!


My kids were never in a Montessori setting, so I can't really speak to that, but my issue is with boys and how they learn. It seems like a lot of little boys are expected to sit quietly, listen, read (which is how most girls learn). My daughter performed fine under those expectations. My son, not so much. After reading "Raising Cain" (and saw the PBS documentary), I am convinced that boys can't be expected to learn in the same way girls learn. Just like you said: boys have to move and get the willies out. Girls do to, of course, but boys especially.

Rayne of Terror

Ah, the montessori preschool my son went to had outside time 2-3x per day as long as it was over 32 degrees. That worked great for my on-the-go son. They did a lot of their sensory activities outside on the grass too, so they could do the activity, run around, do more of the activity, run around, etc.


I can't speak to the Montessori style as I knew that wouldn't work with your family expectations. I bet Alex would just thrive in a school like this one, where my kids go/went.

Her Bad Mother

This was SO timely for me to read - a commenter sent me over, as I JUST wrote a post about trying to decide about Montessori. This helps A LOT.

Thank you.

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