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June 27, 2008


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Have you tried Garlic Jim's (my favorite) Juliano's (my husband's) or Belagio's (pizza by the slice + salad + Coke = $5.50). There is also Twilight down in Camas which has a cool atmosphere.

P.S. Found your blog by accident, and now, every time I go to Target I look for you.


I know many will scoff, but my husband and I love the pizza from Sam's Club. Either take and bake (preferred) or from the deli. And it's a really large pizza for $7.50.

Also, I've tried the pizza dough balls from Trader Joe's and found those tasty. It sounds like your's is a winner, but sometimes in a pinch, those TJ products are pretty nifty.


You have to go to NW Portland for Escape from New York. Best pizza in town. You will not regret it. It's totally old school, no credit cards, don't talk on your cell phone in line, get your slice and get out of their faces. But the pizza is worth the attitude. Also, Pizza Scmizza, lame name, has great pizza.
Ooh, also Silver Dollar, again in NW, is fantastic.
I say stay away from the big chains for the best pizza. None of these places deliver, but I think it's worth the extra effort.


we also love pizza from Sams club, it is unreal how tasty is it. here on the east coast i must say we have awesome pizza everywhere. but im going to make this. thank you


Man, you're brave! I use a bread machine to make my dough (similar to your dough, but with a teaspoon of sugar). Then I roll out my crust and place it on my pizza stone (with cornmeal inbetween). Load it up, pack it in at 425 and eat 15 minutes later. I'm sure your sauce is much better than mine, a pitiful can of tomato sauce sprinkled with oregano. Now I want to make pizza, but it's too hot this weekend. Or so it shall be.


Yeast water should technically be about 105 degrees. The yeast is live and needs to grow so you don't want to kill it. If you wouldn't bathe your kid in it don't put your yeast in it.

Salome Ellen

If you're really short on time you can raise dough in the microwave. Ten minutes on the lowest possible setting AND (this is the important part) a glass bowl or cup with 3 cups of boiling water. I learned this from instructions that came with my two-microwaves-back, and it works wonderfully. You could do your whole recipe from the start while the oven is preheating. (Of course, this assumes your microwave will hold both a bowl and a cup, but mine's pretty standard in size and it does.)


all of the flour you mentioned is wheat flour, just so y'know. There isnt really any difference betwen all purpose flour and wheat flour.


I've been using almost the same recipe for years! I used to make it with my mom when I was a kid. We use 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp salt though. I use the food processor to mix it--very easy!

We let each of our 3 girls make their own pizza. I just use aluminum foil, spray it with some oil and they can pat it out and put whatever toppings on it they like. They love it!


My daughter also eats pizza upside down! Must be a kid thing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair. Way cute. Way hip. Not at all house wife-y (how rude!). Your curls are awesome!


I made your pizza for dinner tonight and it was the bomb!! My dh had FIVE pieces!!!

I made two and one was smaller in diameter with thicker crust, the other larger with thinner crust. (I wasn't sure how flat to roll them out). As it turns out dd liked the thick crust and dh and I liked the thinner. So next time I'll make one of each again.

Thanks for sharing the recipe, it really was very easy and super tasty!


Can't wait to try this recipe thanks for taking the time to post it!


Oh, you think you're reeeeally funny with the whole, "Ooops, only measure out 2 1/2 cups!" thing, aren't ya? I don't read ahead, man!


Oh, you think you're reeeeally funny with the whole, "Ooops, only measure out 2 1/2 cups!" thing, aren't ya? I don't read ahead, man!


Ooops, I didn't realize my comment yesterday posted twice! Hey, I wanted you to see this! We made your pizza and the kids loved it - I took a bunch of pictures and posted about it here: Check it out! :-)


can i make thsi with whole weat flour?


Hello! I came across you blog tonight and just love what you have to say about food. I feel the same way but I am only 9 weeks post op! I live in PDX but lived in Vancouver before jumping across the river 1 year ago. Have you tried Pizza 360? They are off 164th near QFC. Also my husband and I (pre WLS) LOVE American Dream pizza off Glisan in Portland. I too have PCOS and have been trying for years to get pregnant. It's so nice to read about you and all you have been through! Your babies are beautiful!!!


I have really been wanting to try this recipe but we live 8000 feet above sea level and converting recipes is...well my brain just cant seem to do it. So, now after about a year of "wanting" to try it, tonight's the night. If it doesn't turn out, I guess take out is always an option...keeping my fingers crossed!

Multi-Tasking Mommy

I LOVE the comment "If you wouldn't bathe your kid in it don't put your yeast in it." that is just classic!

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pizza and the kids loved it

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