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December 26, 2005


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"Dude, I bought him a LAPTOP, but he still wouldn't let me take his picture."

I don't remember you having the camera or wanting to take my picture. Anyway, it was quite a surprise indeed. Thank you for a very, very generous gift.

We narrowly averted a horrific disaster last night with that snow globe. In hind sight, it seems like such a no brainer to not hang anything from a hollow glass globe filled with water and sparkles with a toddler in the house. In fact, it's dangerous period. Toddler or no toddler. Who were the ad wizards who thought up that idea?

On Christmas Eve, I tried hanging a stocking from it and concluded that it wouldn't hold it securely so we put the stockings on the floor and chair. Later you hung an empty stocking from it, which it did hold quite securely, but it didn't occur to us that Alex might pull it off the mantle. Sure enough, right onto his head.

Very scary. Perhaps the best Christmas gift of all was Alex emerging from the episode with just a few minor scratches.


Yikes! Glad he wasn't badly injured! Merry Christmas to you 3(and a 1/2).


Same. Life.

At some point in the very near future, I'll have to tell you about our drive-by incident, which resulted in glass all over OUR toddler, who is thankfully ok.

Now who doesn't believe in Christmas miracles?

I'm SOOO glad he's ok. So. Glad.

Amber Wyman

Wow! I would have been SO scared too. I'm glad he's okay. Merry Christmas.

Colin Brooks

phew, poor kid, he was lucky. I'm glad he escaped the wrath of the disturbed glass globe.

Next time hang the vacuum somewhere, turn it on and have the stocking float in mid air under it. I'm sure it's possible... :)


Yikes! That's truly a Christmas tragedy. Where's the link to the photos please?

Elizabeth Jones

I got a Dyson too. I had to keep telling my family that I asked for the Dyson, so it wasn't a sexist gift.


I can't believe we had almost the same incident happen with our 2 year old son as well! I had the stocking holders -metal, heavy, spelling "NOEL" - up high on a shelf, with the stockings hung from them. They were too high for the kids to reach; so I thought. But... with hubby and I in the next room we heard the loudest "bang" and an inhuman scream (mixed with the "silent cry" - mouth open, no sound coming out...). Sure enough, the 2 year old had jumped up, pulled the stocking off and the "N", sharp and heavy, fell right on his forehead. It was the biggest egg I've ever seen and had a bleeding gash in it as well. After ice and a realization that an ER visit or stitches weren't needed, we moved that little NOEL set up to the kitchen sink window (and stockings moved to their now annual permanent home; to the stairway hung off the garland.) Yikes, what a way to learn a Mommy-lesson!


Merry Belated Christmas! I must say..one of things I love th most about blogs is reading other people's tragedies so that I can try an avoid them on my own. So glad the boy wasn't injured.


So glad it turned out O.K. but my gosh I bet it was horrible! One of my girlfriends had a similar accident with her 2 year old (4 years ago). He pulled a stocking hanger down onto his head and ended up with stitches 3 days before Christmas. Just to wrap up the holidays perfectly on Christmas Eve during the excitment at the family gathering he turned quickly and face planted the outside corner of the wall and had to have more stitches just 36 hours after the first accident! You think DCFS were watching this family for Christmas or what??? Poor kid looks like he's been beaten repetedly in his pictures that year!


Nice Footprints :}

Very Mom

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad he is alright. I didn't even hang stockings on the mantel because I just knew Nathan would pull them off and bring the cute metal weight hanger thingies down upon his noggin.

Also: HOORAY FOR THE DYSON. Now we can make out with our vacuums together. What would that be? Not a threesome, but a two-sick-girls-with-a-love-for-powerful-suction?
Okay, nevermind, that just sounds gross. But still, hurrah for Dyson.

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