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May 19, 2006


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I feel your pain (sadly, I mean that literally) with the sciatica. I just had a flare-up this week on Monday afternoon. I was doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary and all of a sudden I was stuck and couldn't move a single step. Eventually I was able to move very slowly by leaning on a wall and shuffling my feet. You can imagine how well that goes over with a 6-month-old baby who likes to be held and walked around.

Luckily it got better after a day or two, but jeez. Before pregnancy I never knew what a sciatic nerve was, now that I'm no longer pregnant I would like it to stop now, dammit.


Cool song!!


i am sorry.

but that was all really funny.

i am still sorry.

wish i could help. hugs from here.


Hey, happy due date! I totally thought of that last night, actually, and gave you props for knowing that you'd go past it.

Are you sure you're not in back labor? Seriously?

Nee Stewart

There were 2 of us in our childbirth class with the same due date, only she delivered on time, sending me into a rage of jealously. (I only knew about it because our doctor was late to my check-up because she was delivering the other woman's baby. aargh!) I was also one of those clam-types up until the minute I started having contractions (a week after my due date), so I feel your frustration with the lack of progress. But no one is pregnant forever--it just feels that way!

Sending good thoughts for a speedy conclusion,
Deanna S.


Sad post. I can't imagine how uncomfortable and unhappy you must be. I think I'd just cry constantly.

Hugs to you. I don't even care if I win the birth bet! I want Baby Sister out NOW!!


I really don't want to laugh, but it's impossible not to giggle at the scene you described. The song is fantastic.

Be kind to yourself.


Oh my... For your sake, I hope I'm WAYYYY off on my guess for your delivery date. I had no ideo you were in such pain. $50 be darned! Just squeeze that kid out!!

Sarcastic Journalist

I had the exact same sciatia that you do. EXACT. so bad that i couldnt walk into L&D and they had to get a wheelchair.

Take it easy, sista. And the crazy toddler? We have that too.

Jen - Lance's Wife

Hi- coming out of the wood work to comment! :0) I had terrible sciatia pain with my third and I ended up gritting my teeth to bare it. While I was pregnant for my fourth I was working for a chiropractor. When my sciatia acted up she was able to give me an adjustment and instant relief! I had weekly adjustment right up until I delivered my son. I thought I'd let you know that may be an option for you! I hope you deliever soon and feel better immediately afterwards!

Mary Tsao

Oh darn. And I bet they were those gigantic underpants, too. The ones you will gladly burn in the fireplace when this is all over.

I seriously hope that right this minute you are either in labor or (better yet!) holding a brand new baby girl in your arms.

If not, don't hate me. Please.


So, should I feel bad for laughing out loud at your description of everyone in your house yowling? Because I did.

Good luck and I hope it goes by quickly.


I hope you get into the hospital and out of pain in record time! On the upside, maybe the epidural will get rid of the sciatica, too. And don't forget you promised to blog this birth. I'm gonna try to hold you to that, so I know what to expect for myself in December!

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