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May 04, 2006


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Speaking as someone from Sunnyvale who now lives in DETROIT (ok, 40 minutes away in Ann Arbor, thank God)....it doesn't matter how you pronounce it; why anyone would go there is beyond me. I'm just mad it's now my closest city instead of San Francisco!
Anyway, enough of that....I am sure Dave will come home in plenty of time to help....and it's completely understandable why you'd 'need' a man - they're fun to have around :)


Ooooh, believe me, Detroit does not demand to be said with authori-tah. We Detroit-area people (and I'm with Sarah in Ann Arbor, but I've lived in what is referred to as "metro-Detroit" all my life) say it more like Duh-TROIT, with the end of that second syllable petering off into quiet oblivion. Trust me, the city is headed that way too - it's a sad, sad place.

And awwwwww, and I feel exactly the same way about my husband. Sweet.

Elizabeth Jones

I feel the same way about my husband. It is nice to need someone like that.


Every time my husband goes away, I am reminded how absolutely useless I would be as a single mom. I honestly don't think I could do it.

I love him and need him in much the same way you need yours. And I think he loves and needs me like that as well. :)


Don't say you could never be a single mother. You would be surprised at what you can do when you have no choice. I always thought I could never do it alone either. Then my husband died unexpectedly - and here I am. A single mom. I still can't believe it sometimes but there it is. You just have to find an inner strength and do it. We all have it.


I need my man. My man needs me. We're both feminists. We punish anyone who says otherwise by making them listen to hours of Lilith Fair music.

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