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January 24, 2008


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Melting Mama

Mmm, liquids.


I am fascinated to read your story as my husband just had his gastric bypass on November 20. His doctor wanted him to lose 30 pounds before surgery (a month before) but it wasn't a do or I won't do the surgery sort of thing. My husband was able to do that drinking a lot of Slim Fast shakes...he lost the 30 pounds even with drinking lots of Vodka on our anniversary trip. His goal was to get drunk just to make sure he was a happy drunk as it doesn't take much now to get drunk. Anyway, he is finding there are things he can't tolerate (pasta for one) but for the most part, is focusing on getting enough protein. We went to his Doctor's office today to weigh (I am trying to lose weight as well--competitive and all) and he has hit the 100 pounds lost mark. This is from his pre-op weight on the 18th of October, but 70 of those pounds have been since November 20. Our lives are so much better all ready. He has way more energy, sex is way better (if TMI sorry)...but, even with his minor complication, and the pain, we (he) would do it all over again. I am going to have him read your story when he gets home. I think he will be fascinated as well.

Aunt Lori

We love you!!! You are such a great gal! I miss you and can't wait to see you in March!You have ALWAYS been beautiful!


Amanda, you are my new addiction. I just can't get enough of this story.


As said before, I love reading this story. Don't forget to write more tomorrow!

You are a beautiful woman and an amazing Mom.


I have an aunt that really should have this surgery done. The family has been trying to talk her into it for years. She's so afraid of dying on the operating table, she won't acknowledge what else could happen if she diesn't get the surgery: diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, back problems, etc. And we actually live in Sacramento, too!

cindy w

Ah, the last meal. I had quite a few myself. Ha.

The fact that your family wasn't supportive must've been scary for you. I was lucky that my family was behind me 100%, I'm not sure I could've done it without their support. My mom flew over 2000 miles to baby-sit me while I was in the hospital.

I have a guy friend from college who was very vocally against my having the surgery, and he still (STILL! 6 years after the fact!) won't admit that maybe it wasn't the biggest mistake I've ever made. It's like, look at me, I'm healthy, I have a beautiful baby girl, and he just can't concede that maybe it was an ok thing for me to do. It makes me so angry that I basically just hardly ever talk to him now. Sad, but that's how it goes sometimes.


Your post is sooooo interesting. I check every afternoon and again at 7a at work, I'm afraid I'll miss something. LOL
What kind of cookie? LOL


Amanda, you are so brave to post this story. I am the heaviest I've ever been in my life (except for pregnancies) and I'm only 155 lbs (sorry, it's genetic). You are giving me new insight into the lives of others around me. I am so enjoying reading your story.


I enjoyed your story, I am 50yrs weigh 240lbs, my first appt is in 2 weeks at a weight loss surgery center. My insurance requires that I see the dr and diatrician for 4 months before the surgery. I am really nervous abouth going thru with this, but I have tried everything for the past 20 yrs, Five yrs ago I developed diabetes, high blood pressure so I know something must be done if I want to see my grandbabies grow up. I just don't know what to think when I read the horror stories so this was a blessing to read your report. I worry that this may cause long term heath problems. If you have more information that will help calm my fears I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Zoe


just had surgery 5 days ago. its not too bad just for the gas pains. any one have a solution for gas pains? help


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