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January 25, 2008


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Thank you for posting about this...it's very personal and very brave of you. I wish that this is something I could consider, but with the chance of death and having 4 kids, I just don't feel it's at all possible. Also, we have a $6000 deductible that makes it a non-issue. I'm very, very happy for you that it worked for you.

cindy w

That's weird, I thought that NSAID's were always supposed to be off-limits after surgery because they're blood thinners, so they can cause internal bleeding where you've just been stitched up. I can't imagine why they would've put it in your IV.

One thing that bugs me about my surgery is that I had to have it done open rather than laproscopic, because my insurance wouldn't cover it any other way. I have no idea why. And I tend to make keloid (sp?) scars, so now I have a huge scar down the center of my stomach. I was really self-conscious about it for a long time, but now that I have post-pregnancy stretch marks... eh. I hardly ever think about it. Not like I was ever going to be a bikini model anyway, right?


I also had gall bladder surgery. The air leaving your body hurt so bad. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me hut.


Oh My God! The air! Apparently I had quite alot of scar tissue after my first c-section, so it took them longer to do the second one. More time = more air. I never had any problems the first time, but the second time was so painful, I was crying and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. For some reason no one ever talks about this part of surgeries.


I wished I'd gotten photographs of my gut all blown up with air during surgery. ;x


It feels weird to comment since we just recently spoke on the phone about all this..., but you are my sister in PCOS, curly hair and now tiny stomach. I did have a drain with my c-section, i think i blocked it out, but none for my gastric bypass.

I also think there is total pain amnesia. After my gall bladder came out i was OUCHY then c-section which was horrible! then gastric bypass, which I remember for a couple of days being awful, but now it all seems so distant. i think this amnesia is what keeps the human race going.

i am so glad you are writing about this right now since i am 4 weeks post-op.

tonight i had scalloped potatoes!


It is nice to hear that 5 years out the scars from the lap sites are almost gone. My husband's look hilarious, seriously very funny, as he has already lost so much weight so quickly and everything is getting "loose"...it is hard to explain how they look when he sucks it in or whatever, I guess the only way to explain it is dimples on his belly (and not the cottage cheese made dimples either). I have never had the air, but he has, and I can attest as his spouse, that it is not pleasant. I think at times, the air pain was worse than the surgery pain. I am so glad they brought Dave back into recovery so soon. For some reason, I had to wait until Brian was up in his room which was another few hours. I was a nervous wreck, and even though the surgeon had come out to tell me everything went well, I was still on the verge of tears and crying out of sure exhaustion. What I learned from this - NEVER wait for a surgery to be finished alone.


Thank you for sharing your comments. My doctor told me yesterday that he really wants me to have this surgery. I am scared to death about it, afraid of the unknown I guess. The experiences that are shared here have helped me.
When he commented on the surgery. He told me that it would be great for me considering my health problems. He acted as if I had been given a gift and I should be happy that this could help me.
Thanks for your comments.

Gloria Ainey

Hi, I am 3 weeks post-op and I am very nervous. It is nice to here that people have had it and are glad they did; so many comments are negative.

chris yaeger

I had gastric by-pass Sep 2008/ I had lots of complications, but until yesterday never had a gas problem. I was fine until suddenly I started having pain in my abdomen from just below my heart to my lower abs and I still have it over 30 hrs later. I am assuming it is gas pain as it tends to move. I have taken gas x but no luck. I exercise regularly (in fact I was at the gym yesterday and was on the eclipical (spelled wrong) for 30 minutes.

How long does this pain last. It is so bad at times that I am double over then it lets up. I've even had several small movements, but the gas keeps coming back.I am not eating anything different or new.

Any help is extremely appreciated

Lucy Bartlett

Gastric bypass surgery has helped countless people around the world in their weight loss journey. This surgery is known to have a fairly high rate or complications, and some of them are life threatening. My doctor suggest me to have this surgery next month.

Julie Thomas

I had my gps on February 11th, 2009 and It went well until I found out that I had gallstones and my doctor had to go back in and take my gallbladder out. I have been out of work now almost 3 months because they keep finding things wrong with me that I guess I always had but was to fat to find. I have a peptic ulcer and just found out when I went to the emergency room the other night for sharp pains in my abdomen and all over my belly that I have a cyst on my overies. I am experiencing very bad pains from gas and I don't know what to do about that. I have not been able to eat much because I am nautious all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cope with the pain of gas after surgery? Thanks.


Wonderful illustrations. Very explanatory.

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What a big stomach, full of food.

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