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February 19, 2008


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It's wonderful that you've chosen to share your story...thank you. I, too, do not ovulate due to weight issues, however, my blood work does not show PCOS. My first three kids are all 8 years apart...I guess I ovulate every 7 years!


Aw, this is so sweet.

These have been really interesting and fun to read. You are so honest. Thanks for sharing them.


actually estrogen stores fat not the other way around the hormones of estrogen and inscilin store fat and when you have PCOS as I have the body is so out of wack that it gives up trying to break down the sugars and stores food as fat like right away.


Actually, you don't HAVE to have had a child to get an IUD. You need a doctor who understands your wishes. I had an IUD for several years, during a period when I didn't think I wanted to have kids ever, then married Mr. Right and had it removed. Had no problems at all getting pregnant (with twins!).

Type (little) a

We, too used to practice the ol pull and pray. Our daughter was born 9 months later.



We women just know our bodies. I knew the minute my hubby rolled off of me (TMI?) that I was knocked up. And I swear the heartburn started the next day!!


I am loving these first person accounts of your experience with surgery.
Ditto the previous comment- I have an IUD, which I love, and I have never had children.


another ditto on the IUD w/o babies thing -- I've got one. But that's not really the point, the point is I like reading your surgery and post-op stories!


I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have been on treatment for 3 years now. After all the medicine and all the different things I have to do, I am still having miscarriages! I too heard it from my Family doctor AND my fertility OBGYN that I needed to lose weight if I wanted to carry full term. I am looking forward to my surgery (April 24th) but I'm sooo scared at the same time. I thought about asking for an IUD but was under the impression that you can't get one unless you've actually had a child. I will, next week go to the OBGYN and ask for this IUD before my surgery so that I don't have to worry about getting pregnant again until I'm ready. Thanks for your honesty and all the TMI on your posts. It actually brings it down to a "real" story! And that's something we all need to hear!

taylor k.

Hi! I goggled "how long do you have to wait after having a bypass to get pregnant" and was lead to your blog.


I have read all of your bypass blogs, as well as many others... such as your garden, your sick hubby and your naked-trying-to-potty-train-daughter.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog. I can relate to so many things that you are saying, and I myself am going through the process of getting insurance approval for the roux-en-y bypass. My husband already got approved and will be having his on 6-9-08 - just about a week away! It’s good to read about your experience and how everything turned out well for you. We already have one child, but want to start trying for another in the early part of next year.... that’s how I found your blog. My doctor is suggesting we wait two years, and I wanted to read more about real females who didn't wait.

I am anxiously awaiting gastric bypass part 7!

Thanks for the awesome blog. I have been reading literally for hours.


just found your blog, and have been so interested in the gastric bypass...but "Part Seven: Pregnancy after gastric bypass surgery " takes me to a blank page! this is what I really want to know...hmm..



Wow! So I can't stop reading your blogs. I was trying to open the next one Part 7 and for some reason it's not working. Maybe you're still working on it. I would love to chat some time... I can't image how you most be in person after reading your stories, but you seem to be an awesome person!

[email protected]

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I certainly can't afford to have bypass surgery especially when you're greatly overweight then you will need surgery again to rid your self of all the extra skin. Someone suggested exercise etc. But its never easy. The cost of bypass surgery in my country is very exorbitant and the risk is far greater outside places like the US etc.
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