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June 03, 2008


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I'm so glad you posted this! I was wondering if maybe you decided not to post any more in the gastric bypass series. : )

I'm one month away from surgery so I read everything I can get my hands on in anticipation!


Dang, I thought that maybe you were trying to tell us that you were pregnant...


I am really enjoying these posts about gastric bypass, from the trenches. I would love to see a log of what you eat today with portion sizes, maybe juxtaposed with what you ate before.

Thank you for opening up and being so honest.


I just wanted to agree about the first thought you had about "OMG I am going to gain weight!" I went through a diet program and lost from 250 to 160 only to find out, THE DAY that I hit 160, I was preggers. My first thought was I'm going to get fat!! Its natural and by they way, you did great. I had my daughter a year ago and I now weight, 200. BUT I know I will get back where I was, I'm just trying to take my time and not stress too badly. It is frustrating though. I am sure that if I had not gotten pregnant I would weigh about 140 (my goal) but hopefully I will get there someday.


Thank you so much for posting this! I got pregnant 4 months after my surgery. I am 4 months along now. I have been terrified that my lack of calorie and vitamin intake would cause problems with my baby. This blog made me feel a lot better! Thanks again!

Taylor K.

hi again!

i am 6 weeks post op, and i just wanted to make a comment about your mom's pregnancies - it happened to me too. I had Hyperemeisis Graviteriam (i totally spelled that wrong) and i lost 32 pounds while i was pregnant with my child. My baby was born healthy, other than a minor breathing problem not related to me loosing weight that landed him in the NICU for a few days, and he is doing great now at 18 months!

i plan on waiting a least a year after my surgery to get pregnant, but i would be really excited if i were to have a baby now.

i love your bypass blogs.... KEEP EM COMING! :)


Would it be too obnoxious to ask how much you weigh now and how the second pregnancy affected your weight? Were you able to lose more or were you able to maintain your weight?


Hi and thanks for posting. I am 16 months post op and lost 146lbs. I was like omg like you and did not want to gain the weight back. Thanks for posting you have made me feel so much better and this is our 6th pregnancy. thanks again.


Im 9 months post op from Gastric by-pass. my max weight was 320 pounds , and at 198 i am now 11 weeks pregnet. It wasnt planed. And i have been under stress untill i read what you posted. i feel alot better now .
Thank you


I am so happy that I found this blog! I am in the process of deciding whether to go for the Gastric and I was leaning towards it, but concerns over pregnancy were my final concerns. Reading your blogs and the comments really reinforced my decision; I am going for gastric!

Thank you so much for sharing--ALL OF YOU!


I also feel a lot better now too !! I am 6 months post op and 2 1/2 months pregnant. The doctor basically told me to terminate the pregnancy, which I would never do. I have yet to hear anything really bad happening to the baby or mother, but at the same time I understand his concern. I have lost 140 lbs. and feel great!

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This has totally made me feel so much better. I'm one year out 135lbs lost in a size 8 and 12 weeks pregnant. I haven't gained a pound and have dropped 2 pant sizes, everyone in my family is saying things that make me worry about the baby getting what it needs and me becoming the "big girl" I used to be. Sounds like this can be done and me stay thin with a healthy baby!!! I'm right there with you though, my first reaction was "Great, I just went through all of this for a few months of being skinny and that's it...but hopefully it will be a long lasting experience afterall. Thanks for this post!

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