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October 26, 2008


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Awww!! Everything looks so AWESOME!! Looks like you did a great job! I am so bummed we couldn't be there! :( Stupid me getting sick!!

cindy w

The dry ice in the punch is awesome. Some of your decorations are too scary for me, like that ghost hanging out in your yard. I just know I'd go get a glass of water at 3 a.m., see him out there and scare the pants off myself. But then, I'm sort of a wuss about this holiday.

Aunt Rinda

Absotivly fabuloso decor!


How fun! Thanks for sharing the pics...gives me ideas for next year. (This year = off to the bars post hockey game!)


Wow! Financial advisor, huh? How about PARTY PLANNER...VERY impressive!


YOU ROCK, the house looks awesome! i have always wanted to have a halloween party now i have some great ideas!


Oh my gosh!! ARe you the coolest EVER?!? SO cool!!

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