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January 24, 2009


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Well written and I totally agree with you. Been lurking for quite sometime, but I love your blog and I made your cashew chicken recipe tonight. Oh Yum!


I can't disagree with anything you've said except this: Those who say it's unpatriotic to hope that Obama fails aren't referring to a failure to get particular legislation passed. They are talking about a failure to rescue the country from an impending depression, so that Obama will lose his re-election bid. In other words, there are some out there (well, it's basically just Rush Limbaugh) who would rather see more economic harm come to our nation and its citizens than have a Democrat serve for 8 years. I do believe that it's unpatriotic to put politics above the good of one's country. I often disagreed with George Bush's approach to economics, believing they were doomed to failure, but I certainly never hoped for their failure. No doubt some on the left hoped for the recession to worsen in order to ensure a Democratic victory last November--they, too, are unpatriotic.


I'm right there with you. I don't talk about my political views AT ALL for fear of getting slammed. And I never comment on those with different views than me (a lesson learned sometime back) for fear that I will be chewed up and spit out. But it is so hurtful when read the blogs of people that I truly admire as mothers and then see them slam people for a difference in opionion. ANd I'm not just talking stating their opinion, I'm talking full out name calling and conservative bashing. But I just ignore that we have differences and keep reading them for what I started reading in the first place. Even though it hurts!


I am so glad you wrote this. It would take a lot more than you having an opinion other than mine to keep me from reading your blog. Truth it, until the election I never really discerned what your political leanings were. I figured maybe fiscally conservative, but I guess it never really mattered to me. Still doesn't! I read your blog because you are funny and smart and Genoa cracks me up. As thrilled as I am about Obama being our president, I'm just as thrilled to live in a country where we can feel and think however the hell we want about whatever the hell we want and that's OK.


I wonder what percentage of "conservative" mommy-blogs would also be religious conservatives, and off your radar for tat reason. You conservative non-believers are a rare bunch!

For my own part, I consider myself a skeptic, for all that I voted for the man and find him charismatic. But the problems facing him are so. big. I really don't see how ANYONE - John McCain, or anyone else - could work his way out of this. I don't think economists know for sure what to do, the system is so complicated and chaotic and unpredictable.

But I believe in Obama's intelligence, and I trust in his good intention. He strikes me as a pragmatist, and that if he sees that something he's done is leaning the ship too far one way, he'll lean back the other way. But I'm content to watch from Canada and see how it goes. ;)

susan too

You are certainly entitled to your opinion on your blog, no doubt about that. I would like to know what your life experiences are that made it so hard for you to consider another view-as far as I can tell and I do not know, you are an upper middle class woman married to an upper middle class white man, in a very white neighborhood, who grew up in a very white area of privileged people. That is not an experience a lot of people share, just a small percentage,so it might be hard to see where others have experienced that is not so perfect.If you have ever traveled to another country, other than a resort,or parts of the South, you would realize why people feel so strongly abut Obama, and the need for a different way.


I agree with you that it is silly to decide not to read your blog because you share a difference in political opinions. If I did that do you know how many friends I would lose?

Do I want Obama to fail as a President? No.
Just because he and I don't see eye to eye on some things doesn't mean I'm going to sit around and bash him. (like so many did with Bush or would have done with McCain) Instead I'm going to continue to pray for him and this country and hope that he and Congress do the best job they can. Just as I would do had McCain won. Just as everyone should do. You can't undo the election. All you can do is move forward and hope the man in charge takes his role seriously and has his country's best interests at heart.

After all, he's just one man. There's only so much he'll be able to accomplish.

Can we move on to a less controversial topic now? Like spanking maybe? (haha!)



"That kind of stupid is uglier than a visible pantyline in a polyester pantsuit."

What a visual! Best line in the whole post.


I guess I don't even look at you as a conservative blogger, because you don't often mention your political views. When you do, I appreciate it, because you're right, you don't often hear your side of things because it is popular to take the popular view and be all WooHoo! Obama! and say anything and know you'll have a large audience for it. I don't agree with some things you say, but so what? yk?


It is one thing to hope that a President and his administration fail at passing certain legislation -- we all do that (even with Presidents we support in most other areas) -- it's another thing ENTIRELY to want our President to fail completely. To fail in saving this country from what, up until this point of an office change, has seemed like certain doom. And trust me when I say there are a LOT of people who want him to all out fail. There are people who want to see him killed too... but God forbid we mention that.

Though Obama won, had it been McCain or anyone else in office, my biggest hope for this country was that we crawl out of the despair we're in. So let me make it clear that that's what I mean. When I say that I know people, quite a few people who want him to fail... it's not that they want parts of his legislation to fail... it's that they want him to fail as a President. Simply so that they can be the ones to tell everyone "I told you so."

That's what's unpatriotic.


my boyfriend and i have different political views. i knew that going into our relationship. i'm okay with that. if arnold and maria can make it work, then so can we (and the rest of the country thank you very much). also, i'm learning a lot about "the other side". things i had no idea about. for instance, the republican principles have nothing to do with religion. NOTHING!
kudos on letting us know your views and opinions. we live in a country where it's ok to say what you feel. i just wish others could express that as well, without resorting to playground antics. I will definitely continue to read your blog. :)



You have put well into words what bothers me the most about politics, that holding one set of political beliefs gives you the 'right' to bash the hell out of anyone that doesn't share those beliefs. What happened to discourse? to debate?

I, for one, while I may not agree that all of these jobs should be under government auspices, understand that this may be our only way out of this mess. Had someone come forward with a better plan, I would gladly be all for that too.

I think earlier posters put it better than I can. In my opinion however, Obama is working, the way he knows how and believes in, to fix this mess we are in as a country. I wouldn't wish failure on any president who is working towards that.

Regardless, I will always read this blog, because you are one of the best Mommy bloggers out there. (And your kids are awful cute too!)


Ok "Susan Too" up there. I cannot keep quiet about your comment. Clearly, you have no idea what you are talking about. Amanda grew up in the Bay Area (as did I). This is the most NON-WHITE area ever. The Bay Area is a complete melting pot in every sense of the word. In fact, white people are the minority there. The Bay Area is not full of privileged rich people. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

You are right about one thing that growing up in the Bay Area is an experience that not a lot of people share. We grew up in an area where we were always exposed to other view points and different races every day. In my opinion, races or the color of people's skin doesn't even exist. That is what growing up in the Bay Area teaches you. In fact, when you move out of the Bay Area, you feel weird not seeing people from all walks of life.


Thank you.


WORD! And props from a fellow conservative mommy-blogger. Sometimes I think I should post more about my beliefs but honestly? I don't want the hassle of indignant posts from indignant liberals. It's funny how they inevitably accuse us of being "closed-minded" which I guess translates to "doesn't agree with me."

Keep up the good work, Amanda!

susan too

Brandy, I don't call Los Gatos a melting pot.(I'm from San Jose)My point is that we are all products of our class experience, which differs a lot from others. I am not going to argue about it!

John and Tana

Well Spoken and completely supported. Keep blogging Amanda. We want to hear more.

John and Tana

Alias Mother

I feel (guiltily) like I (unintentionally) stirred the pot on that last post, so let me just say that I really, really, really love your political posts. Really. I feel like if we were to hang out in person we'd get in this funny, lively debate and argue like crazy and then be all, "Hey! Let's get another bottle of wine!" "Hell, yeah!"

What I find here is that I read your posts and I nod and see your point, but then something a commenter will say gets my back up. Like the original "Obama Kool-Aid" reader. Seriously? Because I picked one of two viable candidates for President that means I belong to some sort of cult? It's like they take your reasonable argument and escalate it into Rush Limbaugh territory. And then I react against them.

But that's not fair to you, because that's not what YOU said. So I shall learn to sit on my hands and think things through before I type.


Dude, there are a TON of conservative mommybloggers out there. I'll have to send you a list. For starters, do you read Dana Loesch? In particular, she's the conservative political columnist for BlogHer AND she has a conservative radio show (and accompanying blog). I don't agree with her on everything, or even most things, but she's undeniably brilliant and quite possibly one of my favorite people ever. No kidding. From her comments on BlogHer, you can often find a treasure trove of conservative women bloggers.

Secondly, I'll make the same point here I made to her not that long ago -- I read ALL types of political coverage and bloggers, from the Daily Kos to the National Review. How else are we supposed to learn anything if we don't expose ourselves to other viewpoints? So for those people who simply announce that they aren't going to read you anymore because they disagree, I respectfully announce that they are very, very ignorant, and intentionally so at that.

That being said, I can't honestly say that I would have hoped for John McCain to fail, so I am a little mystified by that sentiment, on either side, but I fully respect the right for someone else to think/say it. I think it depends on what it would have been about -- if it were something like a supreme court justice appointment that I was ideologically opposed to, and we were in a time of relative peace and prosperity, then yes, I'd want that particular venture to fail.

But, for example, I was generally against the troop surge in Iraq, but because of the circumstances, I most definitely did NOT want that to fail, and was pleased as punch when it didn't. Because Jesus, LIVES were at stake. That's way more important than me being right.

I'm not sold on the economic stimulus plan, and I was an Obama supporter during the election. I watched Meet the Press this morning practically BEGGING Lawrence Summers to give me a concrete, compelling reason as to why this was the right approach, and ease my concerns. He didn't, not even when confronted with the ever-mystifying National Endowment for the Arts portion (W.T.F.). (Also, David Gregory sucked ass and didn't push him hard enough on jack, nor shit. OH TIM RUSSERT WE MOURN AND MISS YOU.)

HOWEVER, our country is in such a clusterfuck at the moment that I am praying and fervently hopeful that it won't fail, and that my concerns are unfounded. I'm not sure what will happen if it does, other than me shitting money out my ass for fun and no profit. In that respect, I sincerely hope the administration is successful, no matter what my personal feelings on the means of achieving that success.

So yes, while I appreciate and encourage the right to dissent, I do find it frustrating when people hope that others' solutions to *very dire* problems fail. To me, that implies that they are more committed to their own ideologies than to the good of the country -- something I try very, very hard not to do myself. But it is entirely their right to say so.


This liberal (points to self) supports you! Blog haters can blast anyone and everything ad nauseum, but after all that blustering, is anyone even listening?

That said, I don't always agree with your thoughts, but am I sitting here, injecting criticism and negativity into your post? Nope. There are a lot of ways to say things, and I will never understand why people out there would lambast someone for expressing their own personal politics, on their own blog, where readership is voluntary! We all come to our beliefs in different ways, so you should not be criticized for having your own way of communicating your beliefs.

In other words, f**k 'em. Keep on keepin' on, Amanda.


"If you're SO intolerant that you can't even READ a blog written by someone with different world views than you? You're not smart enough to be here in the first place. That kind of stupid is uglier than a visible pantyline in a polyester pantsuit."

Amanda - that is perfection! You said it perfectly! Thank you! I love it!

Amy H

I love reading your blog. You and I are so different but you are such a great writer and your "man pleasing casserole" delivered the results you promised. Your daughter and mine are close in age and I nurse also. I have said this before--you and I have a ton in common and I am sure we would be friends--but our political views could not be more opposite. And that is ok with me. I don't expect you to change just as it is clear that you don't expect me to. That's what's cool about America.

I will say one thing, though. If Obama's policies fail (whether you like them or not) we are in a whole lot of deep shit. So it might be a good idea to hope that he succeeds so that our country gets out of this economic mess we are in. You may not agree with him, and I understand that, but hoping that he fails (or not wanting him to succeed) does us no good as a country. If John McCain had won I would have wished him much success and supported him, even if I didn't like everything he was doing. I did that with Bush for 2 years before I had enough of the policies that led us to this point. You aren't abandoning your principles by wanting our President to make things better.

cindy w

To echo what Rachel said above: the religious conservatives are the ones that bother me - the whole "abortion is murder, Jesus wants us to kill all the Muslims" thing. I've gotten into fights with them over on my blog. The problem is that I'm a Christian myself, and I've actually been told that I'm less of a Christian than they are - and, even more offensively, that I'm condemning myself to hell - because I vote Democrat.

So, if you were THAT kind of Republican? Yeah, I might have to stop reading your site, because that type of judgy-nastiness just doesn't jive with me. But if you want to hold your "fiscal conservative, pro-small government" viewpoints? Well then, you just rock on with your bad self. I'm a diehard liberal, but I know you're intelligent and didn't come to your beliefs unthinkingly, and I appreciate the same respect from you.

One thing, though: hoping that a few particular pieces of legislation fail to get passed is one thing. Hoping that everything Obama does fails is another. I was dead-set against the war in Iraq, but once it was inevitable that we were going to war, it never crossed my mind that "well, I hope we lose the war so Bush won't get re-elected." Because to lose the war would mean loss of soldiers' lives, and that isn't ok. By the same token, I understand that people might disagree with Obama's economic policies, but I don't understand hoping that the policies fail so that we get into a worse recession than we're already in. Getting to say "I told you so" isn't worth that much.


THIS conservative mommy blogger just ADDED you to my reader.

Take THAT!


Right on Sister!!!!

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